FAQ - Who Needs Life Insurance?

Simply put, insurance is money in the bank that you’re saving for a rainy day.

So, who needs it? Just about everyone. Complete financial security is elusive, partially because of the universal problems of death, sickness, accidents and disabilities. These things can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime of life. Insurance came about as a practical solution to economic uncertainties and losses. You can determine if you need life insurance by asking yourself two questions.


  1. If I die, will anyone experience a financial loss or hardship?
  2. Do I care if anyone suffers and economic loss due to my death?


If you answer "Yes" to these questions, then you are a good candidate for a life insurance policy. Nowadays, health insurance is a necessity in order to combat the high costs of sickness, injury or disability. Eighty six percent of the population is protected by health care coverage. Insurance for our homes, cars, and possessions protects against losses that may happen due to a chance event or casualty. The emotional stress that is sure to follow an illness in the family or the death of a loved one or the economic challenges of a catastrophic event can be lessened, if you’ve planned ahead and purchased the proper insurance to prevent financial hardship.