FAQ - When to Re-evaluate Your Plan

As your life changes, so do your insurance needs.

It’s important to re-evaluate all insurance policies that are associated with the major events in your life. Buying a car, getting married, becoming a parent, divorcing, leaving a job or retiring all require changes in your insurance coverage. After the wedding, you’ll want to double-check your renter or homeowner’s policy to see how much coverage it provides for your belongings. Remember there are twice as many possessions to insure now. Once you become a parent, life insurance seems more important than ever. If you died tomorrow, would your dependents still be able to afford the mortgage, maintenance and tax costs of the family home? If a divorce has made you the breadwinner for one or more financial dependents, you may need a bigger life insurance policy. You may also want additional coverage for your former spouse, if you still rely on his or her income for child support. For anyone who is contemplating self-employment or pursuing advanced degrees, becoming disabled could be a financial catastrophe. This is a good time to consider how disability insurance can help safeguard your income. Re-evaluating your home, health, auto, personal and life insurance needs at least once a year is a good idea. But it’s especially important to review your policies with every major life event that occurs.